Ohio Conference on Clean/Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency

Final Agenda with Speakers, Sessions Locations & Menus

General Session

Accelerating the Transition to Carbon-Free for a Sustainable Energy Future … Reducing Your Energy Bills AND Carbon Footprint

Seth Parker, CEO, Melink Solar, Milford

Jeff Bohrer, Director of Facilities, Mount Saint John, Beavercreek  

Mount Saint John's Solar Project

Mount Saint John Goes Solar

News Coverage of Mount Saint John's Installation of Hundreds of Solar Panels

Concurrent & Interactive Workshops

Workshop A - Technology Advancements … Adding Energy Storage to Other Renewable Technologies Improves Financial Returns and Produces a Greater Reduction in CO2 Emissions

David J. Braun, Vice President, Intelligent Generation, Chicago, IL

Workshop B - Fundamentals of a Clean Energy Future … Net Zero, Approaches to Environmental Sustainability and Technologies & Innovations

            Jamie E. Jankowski, PE, CEM, Director Strategic Account Solutions, AEP Energy, Columbus

Workshop C - The Future of the U.S. Grid: Enhancing Resilience, Renewable Integration, and Smart Technologies

Dan Killoren, Ph.D., Program Lead, Global Innovation Hub, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), Columbus; Jing Lyon, Entrepreneur Programs Director, BRITE Energy Innovators, Warren; and Ben Morris, Business Development and Government Affairs, EdgeEnergy LLC, Cincinnati

Workshop D - Lessons Learned from Industry Leaders with Onsite Solar: Why Now Is the Right Time to Lock in a Lower Energy Rate!

Seth Parker, CEO, Melink Solar, Milford and Jeff Bohrer, Director of Facilities, Mount Saint John, Beavercreek  

Workshop E - Decarbonization: Business Case for Investing in Sustainability

Jerry Schmits, CEM, and Megan Phillips, Comprehensive Solutions Manager Solutions, Trane Technologies, Cincinnati & Columbus and Steve Moritz, President & CEO, Encentiv Energy, Pittsburgh

Workshop F - Managing Risks and Energy Resilience & Stability … Onsite Battery Installation with No Upfront Costs

Joe Hayden, Vice President, GridBeyond, Houston, TX

Workshop G - Achieving Cost Savings with Energy Efficiency and Finance Programs

Dr. Manny Anunike, Energy Specialist, Karla Gulker, Energy Loan Program Coordinator, Kevin Smith, Coal and Energy Programs Coordinator, Caroline Johnstone, Energy Programs Manager, Candice Brothers, Energy Analyst, Ohio Department of Development, Columbus; and Nikhila Rao, Program Manager, Graphet Data Mining, Cincinnati

Workshop H - Award-Winning University – Kent State’s Energy Systems Evolution

Melanie Knowles, Sustainability Manager and Julie Morris, Sustainability Coordinator, Kent State University, Kent

Workshop I - Revolutionizing Energy Storage: Innovations in Automotive and Grid-Scale Applications

Neil J. Kidner, Ph.D., President, Adena Power and Director of Materials Science, Nexceris,  Lewis Center; Joe Rohan, Program Manager, BRITE Energy, Warren;  Robert Lane, Chairman & CAO, Acculon Energy Inc., Columbus

Workshop J - Developing a Customized Sustainability Roadmap

Jeffrey Blankman, Director, Sustainability Solutions, Constellation Energy Corporation, Baltimore, MD

Workshop K - Renewable Energy Site Development – Smart Site Due Diligence

Mark Belmont, Director of Civil Engineering/Energy Market Lead & Sara Krampe, Environmental Manager, CESO, Akron & Bridgeville, PA

Workshop L - Ohio Strategy for Developing a Clean Hydrogen Hub: Subsurface Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide in Ohio … Planning, Regulation, Economics and Role in Decarbonization of Energy

Andrew Thomas, Director of Midwest Hydrogen Center of Excellence and Energy Policy Center & Mark Henning, Research Supervisor & Shelbie Seeberg, Research Associate, Cleveland State University, Cleveland